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Boba Square Stand for Highest Quality, Naturality 

Boba Square makes all Iced Tea and Milk Tea with Premium Teas as a base.  In order to achieve the optimal taste, we are precise with  how much tea and water is added and how long it should be brewed.  This gives a rich and authentic flavors to all of our teas. Boba Square makes drinks using fresh milk and real fruit as a base.  We always keep our supplies fresh. Though it is a lot of hard work and dedication, we believe that it is a rewarding process for being able to provide our customers with excellent and natural flavors

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Our Mission

We will continue to create new menu items with the highest quality ingredients. The fact that we brew our tea with premium tea and have real ingredients as fruits and milk goes to show our dedication. That's what would make us healtheir and help us connect with the natural aspects of our lives.

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